7 vs. Wild becomes a YouTube hit – Survival show brings the trendiest video of 2022

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Of: Aileen Udovenko

YouTube takes stock for 2022 and 7 vs Wild is doing really well. An episode of the survival show was named the hottest video of the year.

Hamburg – The hardships in the Panamanian jungle are paying off. The second season of 7 vs. Wild is clicked millions of times again and fans are eagerly awaiting the latest updates from Knossi and Co. There is hardly anyone who does not sit in front of the television every Wednesday and Saturday and follow the YouTube jungle camp. So it’s no wonder that an episode of the survival show has now even been named the hottest video of 2022 by YouTube.

title 7 vs Wild: Panama (Season 2)
episodes 17
production Fritz Meinecke, Wandermut
participants Sascha Huber, OttoBulletproof, Starletnova, Sabrina Outdoor, Knossi, Fritz Meinecke, Joris (wildcard)
genre Survival challenge, bushcraft, wilderness
format YouTube web series

7 vs. Wild: Survival on YouTube – Episode 2 will be the hottest video of 2022

That’s what it’s about: The first season of 7 vs. Wild was a complete success for Fritz Meinecke. Even non-survival viewers wanted to see the hardships of the participants in the cold forest of Sweden. However, the founder of the series thought of something special for the sequel. This time the candidates went to the Panamanian jungle and this concept worked out perfectly. The second season only started a few weeks ago and with episode 2 it has already made it to the hottest YouTube video of 2022.

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So many views: Episode 2 of the second season of 7 vs. Wild has already more than eleven million views on YouTube. This not only makes it the most-clicked video of the current season, but also eclipses all episodes of the first season from Sweden. If you want to see the hottest YouTube video of 2022, you can find it here.

This was episode 2: Episode 2 of 7 vs. Wild was entitled “Deadly Paradise”. We were able to follow Knossi and Co. for an hour and a half when they arrived on the Panamanian island. While Knossi was still dealing with the consequences of the mistake during his suspension at 7 vs. Wild, the rest of the participants were already busy exploring their island sections and facing their first challenges.

7 vs. Wild has YouTube crown on – These are the top ten trending videos

The top ten: YouTube not only put 7 vs. Wild on the podium, but also published a whole top ten of the trendiest videos of the year. Directly after the second episode of the survival show is the live stream of the Universum Boxing Night, in which ApoRed and Leon Machere, among others, got into the ring. Here is an overview of the hottest YouTube videos of 2022:

  1. 7 vs. Wild: Panama – Deadly Paradise Episode 2
  2. Universe Boxing Night #1
  3. The Last SONG FROM THE BEAN (Act 1) Julien Bam
  4. FULL Pepsi SB LVI Halftime Show
  5. Fynn Kliemann: Building SHIT (DIY) ZDF Magazin Royale
  6. How have the last 10 days been? coupleontour
  7. GNTM Exposed: Abuse, lies and minors
  8. Lightning offensive against Ukraine (WORLD Newsstream)
  9. 7 vs. Wild – Arrival: 24 hours before exposure
  10. The Ukraine conflict: the story behind it
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In fact, a second video for 7 vs. Wild has also crept into the list. The first episode of Behind the Scenes on the DAVE YouTube channel has also made it to the hottest videos of 2022. If you can’t get enough of the survival show either, here’s an overview of all the new episodes of 7 vs. Wild.