Diablo 4 changes profile picture on Twitter – now fans are puzzling over whether a new character will be shown

Diablo 4 changes profile picture on Twitter – now fans are puzzling over whether a new character will be shown

The Twitter account of diablo 4 changes his profile picture. Who could the mysterious person be? The players discuss excitedly, because an important date for Diablo fans can come soon.

Little information is known about Diablo 4 and news keeps coming to light. There is already lively discussion about leaked gameplay for Diablo 4, although nobody was actually allowed to talk about the beta.

Now a new picture is causing a stir among Diablo fans. Will there be a new character from Diablo 4 shown? MeinMMO explains what’s behind it.

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New profile picture on Twitter and Facebook allows players to discuss

What do you see exactly? Diablo’s official Twitter account changed both the profile picture and the background. The same thing happened on Facebook too.

In the new image you can see a character wearing a red robe. The face cannot be seen. In the left hand the person carries a lantern from which a mysterious symbol emanates. Here you can see a chalice with a shining sun above it. Now many players are wondering: Who could that be?

The players discuss: Some suspect that the robe may hide Inarius, an angel. Inarius once led the “Angiris Council” but left the “High Heavens.” Lilith, who would play a major role in Diablo 4, teamed up with him and created the world of Sanctuary and the nephalem. This is how someone writes (via reddit.com):

So could this new sacred symbol be the logo of the Cathedral of Light that Inarius once presided over? And what if he in the form of the “Veiled Prophet” leading the Cathedral of Light is the same as the Prophet leading the group of D3 Sorceress [gemeint ist die Zauberin aus Diablo III] led?

The fact that the person shown does not appear to have a physical head is intended to indicate to many that the person shown must definitely be an angel. Because that’s how angels are usually portrayed in Diablo, as can be seen in Auriel or Tyrael. However, there is no guarantee yet, since Blizzard has not yet commented on the picture.

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However, many believe that in a few days there could be important news about Diablo 4.

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Community assumes big announcement on December 8, 2022

What are the fans waiting for? The community believes there may be more to the tweet and profile changes. Because on December 8, 2022 are the “Game Awards.”

This is an event where awards are given to the best games of the year. New games will also be presented and announcements made. Many are now hoping that Blizzard could use the “Game Awards” to present more information about Diablo 4, including a specific release date. You can find more information about the rumors here on MeinMMO:

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