OpTic Texas loses CDL 2023 season opener Dexerto

Published: 2022-12-03T00:50:24

Updated: 2022-12-03T00:50:29

OpTic Texas has forfeited the first game of its 2023 CDL season following a dispute over a replay ruling against the Minnesota RØKKR.

The Call of Duty League opening weekend kicked off on December 2, and things got off to a rocky start. There were several technical issues that plagued the day, but none more significant than the game-freezing glitch that stopped Cammy in her tracks during Asylum Control.

OpTic claimed victory on the map, but after an hour-long review by the League, it was determined that the teams would have to replay the final round. However, the freeze occurred while the RØKKR star was trying to call a kill streak that may not have affected the game, creating a difficult situation for the referees.

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After sentencing, OpTic Texas rejected the repetition and thus officially lost the series to his opponent.

OpTic Texas loses to Minnesota RØKKR

Shottzy spoke about the decision in a post-game video update, breaking down the situation and how it happened. “Cammy was trying to call a precision airstrike every time we were at B, but he accidentally called an SAE and that’s the main reason they want a replay. Every time you roll an SAE, there’s a bug where you can’t do anything about it… you have to wait like 5 seconds to do something about it.”

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He went on to say that he feels his team “would have won that 100%” and that the team is “angry” about the decision.

Before the announcement was made, OpTic’s Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell expressed his dissatisfaction with how things were being handled.

“[Minnesota] it took doing whatever it took to another level… really shameless,” he tweeted about the situation.

He quickly followed up by saying that the other team was being “fucking weird” by accepting defeat and it didn’t take long for Scump to announce that they would sit out the remainder of the match. Illey also weighed in, calling the result “pathetic.”

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Call of Duty legend and three-time world champion Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow also weighed in to say he doesn’t agree with the replay rule or understand why it’s so important. “I can’t see a world where the result of that map is different,” he stated.

OpTic co-owner Hastr0 doubled down on the decision, announcing that the organization will support its players regardless of the outcome.

“I am supporting our team on this. When we dedicate our lives to competing at the highest level, the margin of error in the rules is zero.

The CDL has upheld the decision and has awarded the victory to Minnesota.

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