Valheim: The big Mistlands update is finally available!

Valheim: Release period for the Mistland update is fixed

After its release, the survival title Valheim quickly attracted numerous players, who eagerly awaited each new patch. While the developers were constantly releasing minor updates and sharing their development progress, players had to wait quite a long time for the first major update. The Mistlands, as the update is called, has finally been released after a short test phase and, in addition to a brand new biome under the same name, also brings numerous other innovations.

Valheim players can finally explore the Mistlands

Among other things, a new magic system has been added to the game, allowing players to use elemental and blood magic. Also, there are now friendly NPCs who will help you in finding the various monsters from Valheim (buy now ) to conquer. There’s also a lot to discover in the Mistlands itself, including a whole new type of dungeon, interesting hints at possible future updates, and much more. As the name suggests, however, the Mistlands are quite foggy. So in order to be able to explore at all, players must first familiarize themselves with the new lighting system.

Of course, there are also some novelties for all builders to create the shelters of their dreams, which will then be attacked by nine brand new monsters. For defense, players can access numerous new potions, dishes, weapons, armor, and much, much more.

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