CoD Warzone 2: Watch out in the heli after a DMZ mission – a little trick can easily do you

CoD Warzone 2: Watch out in the heli after a DMZ mission - a little trick can easily do you

At the end of a mission in Call of Duty: Warzone 2’s DMZ mode is either a successful heli take-off or an inglorious death. A clip now shows that you still have to be extremely careful in the helicopter. Otherwise you might get a sneaky opponent.

With the DMZ mode, Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is trying its hand at the extraction shooter market and is quite successful with it. The mode is popular and introduces many new players to the Extraction genre.

You play against NPCs and real players at the same time, whereby opposing factions can bring about a quick end.

In order to successfully complete the mission in the DMZ, you can be picked up by a heli. But the indestructible aircraft is not as safe as you might think. A Reddit clip shows that you should always keep an eye on the windshield.

You can find out what other mistakes you should avoid in Warzone 2 in the video:

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CoD Warzone 2: DMZ – Heli is a deathtrap

Where is the problem? When you finally sit in the heli at the end of the mission, relaxation often spreads, if an intense battle has not taken place shortly before – all missions are completed, all keys have been used.

However, you should continue to play with full attention until you actually leave the map. Because the windshields of the extraction heli are permeable for bullets:

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The clip on Reddit shows perfectly what dangers you are still exposed to even in the heli. Thread creator “SabersEnd” parachute-sails onto the nose of the heli, completely knocking out an opponent.

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In a round of DMZ, you really should keep your inner danger radar activated until the very end. Many players show no mercy, especially when it comes to extraction. Don’t relax until the screen goes black and the rewards start pouring in.

By the way, if you’re in the heli and you’re only KO and not completely dead, then the extraction counts for you.

It’s often that little bit of knowledge that makes a difference in Call of Duty. Try the unexpected, experiment and absorb every little tip – this is how you get better step by step.

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