Elden Ring: From Software Releases First Free DLC Today!

Elden Ring: From Software Releases First Free DLC Today!

Elden ring gets a first official DLC! Patch 1.07 has already partially hinted at it and now fans can look forward to more in From Softwares Action RPG looking forward. The rumors surrounding it are also true coliseum. As From Software announced this week, the free update will be released on December 7, 2022 released. We’ll tell you what’s inside!

Elden Ring gets free PvP update

The free update coming out today is a Multiplayer update, which opens Coliseum arenas in the game world and in which players can fight each other. Anyone who owns Elden Ring can simply download the update and get started. Details on the release time or the download size are not yet known.

Hereinafter embedded trailer you can get a first impression of the new content. There are waiting for you Arenas in Limgrave, Leyndell and Caelid and offer several PvP modeswhere you can put your skills to the test.

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What does the update include?

Solid information is currently still sparsely sown. Nevertheless, the YouTube description of the trailer already reveals a few details about the free update for “Elden Ring”. So it should three PvP modes give:

  • duels: Duels between two players.
  • Free for All: A mode where everyone fights everyone.
  • Team fights: There are probably two groups of players competing against each other in a team.

While PvP is undoubtedly the focus, it’s safe to assume that the update will bring other content for players as well. It remains to be seen which these are, however, until the update is released.


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