God of War Ragnarök: Born of Fire – Locations of all 6 Draugar Holes (Solution)

Run into the god of war Kratos God of War Ragnarok dangerous opponents in his arms almost around every corner, but hardly any enemy offers him such fiery fights as they do hatefulflaming Draugar that rise from the flames and attack you furiously and relentlessly if you get too close.

Slaying them is the directive of the favor Born of fire, which you will automatically receive the first time you meet such a hateful one. Or you him, because the Draugar Holeswhich these enemies descend from, you must first find, after all, they are scattered across all nine worlds.

But don’t worry, because that’s what this one is for solution there, in which we will tell you exactly where you 6 Draugar holes can find in this side mission. Once you have found and defeated all six hateful ones, Kratos will receive 4,500 XP as a reward, Unbeatable coal and even 1x Chaos Spark for your Chaos Blades.

God of War Ragnarök: Locations of all 6 Draugar Holes (Solution)

You’ll likely encounter your first hateful draugar in Svartalfheim, if you find yourself in search of the god Tyr. At the watchtower is namely already the first of these burning enemies and the second is in the apple core where you follow Atreus in to free Tyr from his captivity.

Svartalfheim: By the watchtower

You can discover the first Hateful in the game in the Bay of Generosity (Svartalfheim). After you have passed through the dwarven city and before you Durlin climb the wall to the watchtower and run to the hole behind this building, where the fiery enemy is supported by two regular Draugar.

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Svartalfheim: In the apple core

The second Draugar of this type is found in the mines known as Apple Core are known. The regular path of the main mission does not lead past the location you are looking for, so you have to look around the corridors and rooms to find the inconspicuous, white wooden door to find which leads to your opponent.

In the later course of your stay in the apple core, after you knocked off the shield to clear a shortcut to the lower level, you will find runes next to the large white-painted door, which show you that you can climb down there. Follow the path and you will reach another white door that will lead you to the battleground with the Hateful.

Alfheim: The Wasteland

after her in God of War Ragnarok the main quest Great secret Once completed, you will have access to Desert of Alfheim. Look for the wasteland here and go all the way to the west there, to one low rock plateau, which you can easily climb. Once at the top, the fight begins, as usual, unannounced.

Midgard: Lake of the Nine

You can also find a hateful in the home of Atreus and Kratos. Follow the path east of Tyr’s temple head north/northeast towards the King’s Tomb and you will find a ledge at the start of said path that you can climb to reach the next Draugar Hole.

Vanaheim: In the abandoned village

You have to visit the abandoned village anyway during the campaign, but you need it Draupnir Spear, to be able to reach the hateful. You can find the hole you are looking for in the cave in the rock face on the western edge of the location, use the spear on the small pillar to be able to reach this area.

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Vanaheim: In the crater

To find this draugar, you must first complete the favors trail of survival and return of the river completed. Then grab a boat and take it all the way to the docking point in the northeast of the areaeast of the dam you opened with Atreus to flood the valley again.