Revealed: This fantastic adventure comes to PS VR2!

Revealed: This fantastic adventure comes to PS VR2!

If everything goes according to plan, the virtual reality system Playstation VR2 is coming February 23, 2023 on the market. The first opportunities to pre-order have already existed. Appropriate for launch According to Sony, several games will be available, but not all of them are known yet. At least at two of those launch titles the secret is now out, some of you may already know it.

Moss Adventures for Playstation VR2

It is about the two virtual reality adventures Moss (buy now €84.94 ) and Moss: Book 2 of the developer studio Polyarc. As this has officially announced today, both games just in time for the launch of PSVR2 be available. The games have already been released for the previous model, which includes “new release”. some adjustmentsto be able to take advantage of the more powerful hardware of Playstation VR2.

Among other things, you can better haptic effects rejoice, which enable you to carry out certain actions in Moss and Moss: Book 2 to feel even more intensely. This should lead to an optimized immersion and a closer bond with the hero Quill. Furthermore, the developers have added support for the adaptive triggers and the Control with two controllers thought. Besides, it will an eye tracking feature that makes objects glow when you look at them directly. to be added some graphical improvementsboth Moss games with prettier textures and a 4K resolution at 90 frames per second Mistake.

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