Pokémon Crimson and Crimson: No Pokémon game has ever been rated so poorly on Metacritic

Pokémon Crimson and Crimson: No Pokémon game has ever been rated so poorly on Metacritic

It’s not surprising that Pokémon Crimson and Crimson are getting their fair share on Metacritic after so many players were complaining about the main game’s performance.

And still great sales figures

These really great Pokémon games, this time even with an open-world concept, started with many bugs and a horrible performance that affected players have carried across the vastness of the Internet. Even Nintendo has admitted the mistakes and is making a little improvement with updates.

Pokemon Purple currently has one Metacritic rating of 72 – Crimson has at least 73 points. This small difference does not mean that crimson is actually better, only one of the two versions was made available to the testers and the difference in the score will be more of a random nature.

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Still, Crimson managed to rank below the lowest Metacritic score in the entire Pokémon universe to date. Previously, Radiant Diamond and Luminous Pearl were at the bottom with their 73 rating. In the user score, the two remakes are significantly ahead. With 5.5 points, they are significantly better than a Pokémon Crimson with a 3.1.

I’ve had fun with my Pokémon Crimson so far, although judging by their animation the NPCs in the background or the windmills look more like a flip book than a game from 2022.

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So far, Pokémon X and Y have received the best ratings, receiving 87 and 88 points respectively. What’s your favorite Pokémon game so far?