TFT Set 8: Cheat Sheet for Monsters Attack and all new champions

TFT Cheat Sheet Set 8

In LoL Auto Chess Teamfight Tactics, the new set 8 called “Monsters Attack” appeared on December 8th. We at MeinMMO have put together an overview of the new champs and current cheat sheets for you.

What changes with Set 8? All champions and attributes have been reworked. For example, the pesky dragons that dominated Set 7 are gone. Instead, enemies like the relatively new champion Bel’Veth and Rammus were introduced.

In addition to the champions and attributes, new hero augmentations have also been implemented, the NPC rounds have been adjusted and even small changes have been made to the items.

We have introduced you to team comps with which you will successfully win the first rounds:

TFT Set 8: The 3 best comps to launch patch 12.23

Cheat Sheet for Set 8

What are cheat sheets? Cheat sheets should help you to get an overview of the current situation in the game. They show you which champions have a certain origin or class, what synergies these attributes bring or how items are combined.

Cheat sheet for the champions: The cheat sheet that we have put together for you offers a good overview of the champions, origins and classes. In it you will find an overview of all origins and attributes:

Our homemade Cheat Sheet for Set 8.

Unfortunately, there is no official cheat sheet from Riot itself for this set. That is why we have summarized the attributes in English for you. Should a German Cheat Sheet come, we will add it here.

Cheat sheet for the items: The items don’t change that much, apart from the adjustments to the spatula items and minor balance changes. Here you can find all items and how to craft them. We got the picture from her Page LoLChess.ggwho also have other useful guides on TFT.

TFT set 8 items

Cheat sheet as ingame overlay: At the beginning of 2020 we already introduced you to various tools where you can see the cheats ingame. This makes playing a lot easier for you. You can often even create templates to put together the right champions for early, mid and endgame.

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Although the tools will sometimes take a little time to update, we again recommend using TFTactics or

If you want to start with TFT at all, we recommend our beginner tips for LoL Auto Chess.