Hollywood star wants to gamble Call of Duty on Twitch – but fans complain about their fellow players

Hollywood star wants to gamble Call of Duty on Twitch – but fans complain about their fellow players

In addition to her career as an actress and model, “Hit Girl” actress Chloë Grace Moretz (25) says she is a passionate gamer. The 25-year-old loves shooters like CoD: Warzone 2. Now the first stream on Twitch follows.

Actress Chloë Grace Moretz is best known as the hit girl in the “Kick-Ass” film series. She currently plays a gamer in the Amazon series Peripheral (original title: The Peripheral). And in real life, too, gambling is said to be one of the 25-year-old’s favorite hobbies.

After Moretz had a sizable gaming PC put together with the help of Twitter in October, some fans wondered when the first stream on Twitch could follow. Now the time has come: Today, December 8th, the actress will celebrate her debut on the streaming platform.

CoD Modern Warfare 2: Important changes explained quickly – with gameplay

When is the stream coming? As announced via the series’ official Twitter account, The Peripheral, Moretz will start streaming on Twitch today, December 8th at 11pm GMT.

What kind of stream will this be? A few rounds of Modern Warfare 2 are planned with two of the biggest streamers on Call of Duty: Mason “Symfuhny” Lanier and Nadia Amine, who usually only appears under her first name. Symfuhny is currently the biggest streamer on Warzone 2, while Nadia is the 16th most watched streamer on the game (via sullygnome).

After gambling, a watch party for Moretz’ series Periphery is planned. The stream will probably be on the Symfuhny twitch channel to be featured, with the actress also having one own channel with over 4,400 followers.

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Choice of co-streamers causes frustration

How is the planned stream going? While some fans of Chloë Grace Moretz and Periphery may be excited to see the actress live, her choice of cast members may not go over well.

Both Nadia and Symfuhny have repeatedly struggled with allegations of cheating, which both content creators deny.

Twitch streamer is said to have cheated in CoD: Warzone, defends herself: “Accepts that a woman is better”

Some Twitter users have expressed concern that the streamers are only using Moretz to expand their own reach, warning the actress that collaborating with the two could actually hurt her and result in fewer people tuning in (via Twitter).

Others are particularly disappointed: They were actually looking forward to the stream and would like to support Moretz, but they don’t want to pay any attention to “these cheaters”. One user wrote that he would have preferred to just watch Moretz play a few matches alone (via Twitter).

The actress has not yet commented on the cheating allegations against her teammates.

When Hollywood stars come out as gamers, the demand for streams on Twitch is often not far away.

There is hardly any other actor that fans would like to see on the streaming platform as much as Superman Henry Cavill. When he’s not in front of the camera, Cavill likes to paint his Warhammer miniatures or upgrade his PC:

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