Overwatch 2: Why Ramattra is not quite as strong as many fans fear

Overwatch 2: Why Ramattra is not quite as strong as many fans fear

When Blizzard announced Ramattra, many fans worried that Overwatch 2 Season 2’s first new hero would be overdone. I got to play the omnic terrorist and was a bit underwhelmed – which is a good thing given the fears!

A tank for time

As in the first season with Junker Queen, Blizzard has again opted for a tank with Ramattra that relies on damage and offers the team significantly less protection than, for example, a Reinhardt or an Orisa do.

The peculiarity of Ramattra is that he has two forms that he can change constantly. In omnic form, he wields a staff that fires a magazine of 100 projectiles and deploys a shield. Additionally, he can create a field that slows and drags enemies to the ground. One of his abilities allows him to shift into Nemesis form.

There’s just something magical about Ramattra. The many purple details probably create this impression.

In Nemesis Form, Ramattra gains 150 additional health, hits Ramattra with his fists, and can block frontal damage. His ultimate also puts the Omnic into Nemesis Form, dealing low but continuous damage to enemies within a certain radius if they are in his field of view.

To be truly OP, Ramattra lacks mobility

One reason Ramattra feels less powerful than it sounded is due to the ultimate ability nerf. Originally, this was not only supposed to trigger the Nemesis form and deal damage to enemies in a certain radius, but also reduce the damage of all enemies hit by 50 percent. Blizzard has now removed this addition.

With his fists in Nemesis Form, Ramattra doesn’t have to go straight into melee combat. A little range remains with him.

His only tank abilities are now a shield and his block in Nemesis form. This is a rather mediocre equipment. With his primary weapon, he only really does a lot of damage when he hits headshots, and unfortunately the slightly delayed impact of the projectiles makes the weapon not always easy to hit. As soon as you can work well with it or have the enemies right in front of you, you can easily take one or the other kill with you.

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In the ultimate and mid-range punches, Ramattra hurts a little more – especially since he can sustain this form until he’s gone four seconds without dealing damage. Running after the enemies in this form, slowing them down and beating them out of the map with your fists is fun and a very effective means of pressure. Unfortunately, Ramattra itself is a bit slow on the road. No ability allows him to get closer to the opponents or even in the middle of the fight. So a support like Lucio could do Ramattra quite well.

So he has a varied and entertaining kit, but brings little real tank qualities. As long as you can move around in Nemesis form for as long as possible and use your Vortex to get a Pharah, Mercy, or Echo out of the air, Ramattra should still be a good choice for aggressive tankers, even those with Sigma or Junker Queen have fun.