PlayStation 5 for everyone! Sony says the console’s delivery issues have been resolved

PlayStation 5 for everyone!  Sony says the console's delivery issues have been resolved

There is very good news as Jim Ryan has stated that the PlayStaton 5 supply shortage has been resolved. So soon you can just buy a PS5 and not worry too much about supplying the next-gen console.

Next year it should really calm down again

Ryan gave this information to the Playstation Partner Awards a few days earlier. The company is now able to supply “many customers in Japan and Asia” with the coveted console. That is still possible in “this annual business and until 2023”.

In general, the offer of the PS5 has improved all over the world. It’s still a little too early to say it’s fully resolved. Still, Ryan sounds pretty confident and thanks his partners for their understanding and commends the developers for their good work.

So far, the PS5 console, which is actually in high demand, has not been able to keep up with the PS4 due to the delivery bottlenecks in terms of sales figures. Next year, PS5 sales could rebound well enough to finally catch up with the PS4 numbers.

The allegedly revised model, which is to be launched next year with a removable drive, could also improve the supply again.

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