The Game Awards: All information about tonight’s show and live stream (update)

The Game Awards (Awards) von The Game Awards

With The Game Awards 2022, the last big event of the year is just around the corner. The event not only awards the best games of the year, but also announces innovations.

As usual, moderator Geoff Keighley will lead through the show again this year and bring a very colorful program to the stage. If you don’t want to miss it, you can find all the information about The Game Awards 2022 and when the live stream will start here.

The Game Awards 2022: when is the show happening?

The Game Awards 2022 will take place on December 8th – at least in the US. In Germany, however, it is already December 9th, since night will already have fallen here due to the different time zones.

This means you’ll have to stay up quite late or get up very early not to miss the live event:

  • begin: At 01:30 German time with a pre-show, from 02:00 the main show starts
  • End: Approximately 2.5 hours are planned, which means that the main event should end around 4:30 a.m

By the way, should you decide to follow the show, you can win a Steam Deck via Steam with a bit of luck.

Where will The Game Awards 2022 live stream take place?

As in the previous year, you can follow the award ceremony live on almost every platform. We list the most well-known platforms for you:

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Which games are nominated in 2022?

True to the name of the event, numerous games are honored during the Game Awards. This year there will be winners in a whopping 31 different categories. The highlight is of course the Game of the Year, ie the best game of the year.

We have included an overview of the most important nominated games for you in a separate news item, with God of War Ragnark and Elden Ring standing out the most.

What novelties will be shown at the Game Awards?

In addition to the award ceremony, the Game Awards are also used every year by one or the other publisher to present new trailers or completely new games. 2022 is no exception, although Geoff Keighley has so far been reluctant to provide specific information.

It is already known that there will be new game material from the upcoming Dead Space Remake during the Game Awards. However, the footage is said to be shown as an IMAX exclusive.

EA is also using the event for a second game. The live show will feature Star Wars: Jedi Survivor gameplay for the first time. The company confirmed this via Twitterafter there have been rumors before.

Another rumor is aimed in the direction of Final Fantasy 16, which was recently heated up again. Naoki Yoshida, producer of the upcoming RPG, will be present during The Game Awards for a “special live presentation”. Possibly the release date of Final Fantasy 16 will be announced.

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There are also rumors about a new Crash Bandicoot – fueled by your own Twitter account the game series. So fans should at least keep an eye on the Game Awards this year. This also applies to followers of Hideo Kojima, who apparently also did something for the Game Awards, in line with the latest teasers prepared.

In addition, the following games have already been announced for the show:

Some fans are also hoping that From Software and Bandai Namco will use the big stage to announce a DLC for Elden Ring. Whether this is really the case remains to be seen.

Twitch Rewards for the Game Awards

By the way, those who follow the show live on can also dust off six gifts. But you have to watch for at least 60 minutes and of course be logged in with your Twitch account. The following rewards are available:

  • Fall Guys: A costume based on an unannounced collaboration
  • Rogue Legacy: Voucher code to activate the full version of the game on the Epic Games Store
  • Warframe: Lucra Syandana and a 3 day affinity booster
  • Among Us: The Geoff Keighley mask returns
  • Sifu: Epic Games Store Deluxe Edition Upgrade Voucher Code (Requires EGS base game ownership)
  • Cult of the Lamb: 3 Twitch Emote Follower Forms
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You will receive the respective rewards in your Twitch inventory, which you can use to redeem them accordingly. However, the codes are only valid until December 12th at 18:00 – so you have to hurry. You can find all information about this on the Game Awards website.