WoW Guide: Kurog Grimtotem in Vault of Incarnations (LFR, Normal, Heroic)

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The fight against the tauren Kurog in the new WoW Raid Vault of Incarnations in Dragonflight seems relatively simple at first, but wait until he reaches 100 energy points, because then all hell breaks out. The key to this fight is the arena itself, in which the shaman resides, because it is divided into the elements fire, frost, earth and thunder. Depending on which area you are in, Kurog’s attacks will change.

General information about the Vault of Incarnations

You can find the raid in the east of Thaldraszus (73/56)

Normal mode: December 14, 2022

Heroic Mode: December 14, 2022

Mythic mode: December 14, 2022

LFR mode

1st wing: from December 21, 2022

2nd wing: from January 4, 2023

3rd wing: from January 18, 2023

Minimum item level for LFR: 359We will include video guides from Hazelnuttygames for you (as soon as they are available) if you prefer to see moving images 😀 Below you will find a German text version. The raid guides are currently still based on the WoW beta (buy now ): Dragonflight – Details may have changed from developer side. If there have been major adjustments, we will make adjustments to the guides. On our overview page for the WoW guides to the Vault of Incarnations you will find the guides to all known bosses.

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Kurog: The altars

In general, Kurog works BASHING SHOCK in a cone-shaped area in front of him, and only the tank should stand in it, preferably with its back to the wall. The attack also knocks back and stacks a DoT on the target. Accordingly, two tanks must alternate. Also importantly, at each altar on each hero, Kurog constantly deals element-based damage that steadily increases. That’s why you have to estimate when and if you change the altar so that the group damage doesn’t increase immeasurably. Once Kurog is perfectly attuned to all primal elements, he gains ALL altar abilities. In that case, you can go to sleep right away.

Altar of Flame: the FLAME DOMINATION inflicts Fire damage to all characters every four seconds and increases damage from FLAME DOMINATION by 10 percent per stack. With MAGMA EXPLOSION Kurog attacks some players who leave lava puddles on the ground. Will you from SEARING CARNAGE hit, you also leave behind harmful surfaces that you have to carry out of the raid. Come along in heroic mode MOLTEN ERUPTION Added lava waves that you shouldn’t stand in.

Altar of Frost: FROST PREDICTION inflicts Frost damage to all characters every four seconds and increases FROST DOMINATION damage by 10 percent per stack. ICY STREAM are six orbs of frost that fly away from Kurog in a star shape and stun you when hit. Select Kurog targets for ABSOLUTE ZERO POINT out, then get together with the affected heroes to split the damage. In heroic mode causes ABSOLUTE ZERO FROSTBITE. If you have two charges of it, you freeze.

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Altar of the Earth: EARTH DOMINATION deals Nature damage to all characters every four seconds and increases EARTH DOMINATION damage by 10 percent per stack. you must dem EMERGING ROCK FLOOR evade. For healers is ENCLOSING EARTH important, because affected characters must first be freed from an absorption effect by healing. And tanks will rejoice in the Earthbreaker adds summoned at SEISMIC FRACTURE. Because they work SKELETAL FRACTURES, which inflicts a stacking debuff increasing Physical damage taken in addition to Kurog’s CLASHING STRIKE. So DpSer have to bomb the adds away quickly.

Altar of the Storm: STORM DOMINATION inflicts Nature damage to all characters every four seconds and increases STORM DOMINATION damage by 10 percent per stack. Become their target of SHOCK OUTBREAK or LIGHTNING STRIKE, then remove yourself from the raid. Casts Kurog THUNDER CLOSED, then the places where the thunder is about to hit are marked with a slightly bluish circle on the ground. If no heroes run into these areas, the raid takes another hefty extra damage.