WoW Guide: Primalist Council in Vault of Incarnations (LFR, Normal, Heroic)

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The #3 Raid Battle in the Vault of Incarnations in WoW: Dragonflight depicts a “council fight” in which you face four primalist villains at once, each mastering a different element. The quartet doesn’t share health, by the way, so you’ll have to defeat them all separately – like the prototype pantheon in the Mausoleum of the First. Each of these bosses has a crucial mechanic that will keep the entire raid busy, busy, and potentially even a wipe. But the elements can be played off against each other – and that’s the only way you’ll survive the encounter with the Council.

General information about the Vault of Incarnations

You can find the raid in the east of Thaldraszus (73/56)

Normal mode: December 14, 2022

Heroic Mode: December 14, 2022

Mythic mode: December 14, 2022

LFR mode

1st wing: from December 21, 2022

2nd wing: from January 4, 2023

3rd wing: from January 18, 2023

Minimum item level for LFR: 359We will include video guides from Hazelnuttygames for you if you prefer to see moving images 😀 Below you will find a German text version. The raid guides are currently still based on the WoW beta (buy now ): Dragonflight – Details may have changed from developer side. If there have been major adjustments, we will make adjustments to the guides. On our overview page for the WoW guides to the Vault of Incarnations you will find the guides to all known bosses.

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Earth and Fire: Opal Tooth and Embar

Earth Boss Opalfang is the target of your tanks, which must take turns on this rock teddy when he comes with CRUSH deals high Physical damage to its current target while also doubling their Physical damage taken, which is a stacking effect. In addition, Opalzahn calls along EARTHEN PILLAR Spikes of earth again, which cause pulsing damage to the entire raid. Terros in the previous boss guide greets accordingly.

Fire boss Embar also keeps tanks up SHARP BLADES on the go. This is a fiery DoT attack that Embar can activate at 100 energy. This effect is also stackable. Apart from that, the fire boss regularly targets players METEO AXES at, which at the point of impact Scorched ground arises. However, these impacts also destroy any EARTHEN PILLAR nearby.

However, the next bosses demonstrate that you don’t necessarily want to see all of the stone pillars destroyed. Because there is even more interaction than the combination of METEORA AXES with EARTHEN PILLAR. Which also brings us directly to the other elemental opponents.

Water and Air: Kadros and Dathea

Sibling bosses Kadros and Dathea rule over ice and lightning. Kadros casts the AoE spell at 100 energy PRIMEVAL BLIZZARD, which allows players to stack more ice damage but take less fire damage. However, if a player has accumulated ten stacks, he is of FROSTGRAB trapped, from which he has to be freed by fellow players, otherwise he will suffer continuous damage without being able to move. But you can get rid of these stacks beforehand so that you don’t burden your fellow campaigners or even bite the digital grass. If you run through the lava fields of Embar, the stacks will fizzle out – and the resulting fire damage will be less thanks to the stacks. Kadros also has FROST PINK as an attack in his arsenal. This hits random raid members and should best be interrupted by your DpS players.

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