WoW is giving away new mounts and pets via Twitch that you had to spend money on back then

WoW is giving away new mounts and pets via Twitch that you had to spend money on back then

The WoW gifts via Twitch continue. This time, however, you only have a very short time to secure three rewards at once.

World of Warcraft Dragonflight continues to aggressively court attention and try to keep interest high on Twitch. There will always be new rewards for watching streams and it will continue in a few days. After just a few days ago there was a mount that was traded for up to $3,000, now more rewards are coming that require real money on the table.

Overall there is a new mount and a battle pet.

What are these mounts and pets? Both the “Cenarion Hatchling” and the “Swift Windsteed” were both available for purchase in the game’s shop. Back then, you had to pay €10 for the pet, while you can get the mount for a whopping €20.

The Cenarion boy in particular has an interesting past, because Blizzard did not keep the money for the sale of the pet, but donated it to a good cause – at that time an earthquake and the resulting tsunami shook Japan and caused a lot of devastation.

How do you get the two items? As usual, the two rewards can be bagged for watching WoW streamers on Twitch who have Drops active on their channel for a specified period of time. You can usually see this in the title, but you can also look it up in the menu at the top right. It is important that you have connected your account to the Twitch account.

When do you have to watch? The period of the event is from December 10, 09:00 to December 13, 20:59. So you have a little more than 3 days to watch the 8 hours of streams.

  • To get the Cenarion Hatchling (Pet), watch for 4 hours and then redeem the reward.
  • To get the Swift Windhorse, you must redeem the Cenarion Hatchling, then watch 4 hours again and redeem the Windhorse as well.
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It doesn’t matter whether you watch “actively” and have the stream in the foreground. If you just want to bag the reward, you can also mute the stream and let the whole thing run in the background while you play WoW yourself.

Incidentally, the next one is already waiting immediately after this twitch drop, because then you can get permanent fireworks. Since this is awarded at the same time as the start of the “World First” race, WoW fans should be watching the pros anyway.