Logitech Astro A30 review: A wireless headset that knows no bounds

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role model. The Astro A30 offers a great overall package with few weaknesses and focuses on flexible connectivity. A chic companion for everyday life, work and gaming, if the high price doesn’t bother you.

Who does not know it? The wireless gaming headset can often not be connected to the PC at all or only to one other console. In your free time you need completely different headphones anyway, because the headset manufacturers in the gaming sector have not heard anything about Bluetooth either. That Astro A30 offers you everything. You can use these headphones on any device and even at the same time. Can the rest of the headset keep up with this ambitious flexibility? Or did Logitech have to make compromises in other areas?

If flexibility were a headset

Box & Accessories: The box is not surprising. Packed as tightly as possible, so little cardboard and not too much plastic. In terms of accessories, the Astro A30 from Logitech spoils us with a headset, a plug-in microphone, a USB-C cable for charging, the 2.4GHz Lightspeed adapter, a long 3.5mm aux cable and a simple , slim storage box. The transport bag is of high quality, looks wonderfully elegant and is pleasantly compact. The additional compartment for the cables and the USB dongle is also practical. Of course, once the cables start to look like a salad, you have to squeeze them a bit, but I’ve always managed to do that so far. I really wish there was such a great case for every headset.

The Logitech Astro A30 is equipped for every situation.

Processing & Design: Chic! That’s the word I want to use to describe the Astro A30. The headset catches the eye with shimmering elements in the ear cups and a modern design. The magnetically detachable ear cups can be exchanged and customized with additional costs. However, the Astro does not look like a typically bulky gaming headset. For the rather high price, it could feel a bit more valuable. Logitech relies on the full plastic boom for the frame here – even if it feels hard and robust and offers a pleasantly firm fit.

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The ear cushions are made of pleasantly soft faux leather with memory foam, which you can gently press in with your finger and watch as the imprint is slowly pushed out and the foam returns to its original shape. The headband is padded with a strange velvety layer of rubber that I’ve never seen before. Don’t worry, it doesn’t stick, everything’s great. Except for the headband, the headset is extremely comfortable, unfortunately after a while it starts to press on the top of my head. I’ve looked around the web and seem to be largely the only one with this problem. My test copy here is navy, i.e. dark blue, but there is also a white variant with purple accents.

The Astro A30 also looks really great in white.

Controls: On the left is the detachable microphone including the mute switch, which is a bit fiddly to use. You can also insert the jack plug here. On the right you can switch on the headset at the top above the ear and see a small indicator light that roughly tells you the battery status. You know, when it turns orange or red, get on the cable. For me, the battery went into the critical phase every few days – but I also used the good piece during work, gaming and occasionally even while cooking. A small dot tactilely sets the switch apart from all others on this page. A good bit further down you will find the small Bluetooth button. There’s a small directional pad at earlobe level that you can use to adjust the volume and tune the sound. Then the USB-C input on the underside. Although most of the buttons are on the small side, I was able to tell them apart easily, although I always had to swipe my thumb from the bottom up to find them.

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All connections are nicely compact.

Sound & Microphone: There is surprisingly little to complain about the sound. The A30 with 400mm drivers could have brought a little more bass for listening to music, my metal sometimes sounds a bit flat. Otherwise, Logitech emphasizes all game sounds wonderfully here, whether it’s shots, footsteps and abilities in Overwatch 2, which I can locate well, or the cozy soundscape of Hearthstone, where the balanced sound of this headset simply creates a nice aural atmosphere. The headset sounds best with a USB adapter. If you plug it into the 3.5mm jack, it loses a lot of its round sound. What the A30 does beautifully is good passive noise cancellation. Even from the outside, it takes a long time before someone notices something about your music, your video or a game. There you are really just for yourself.

Unlike most other gaming headphones, this one boasts two microphones. The detachable and a built-in one, so that you can also make a phone call in Bluetooth mode and without a bendable stick in front of your mouth. The boom microphone sounds okay, not outstandingly good or bad, while the internal met my moderate expectations exactly. So please use the external microphone to gamble, yes? The practical thing is that the pluggable microphone is small and flexible and therefore fits perfectly in the headphone bag.

The microphone does not have foam pads. The microphone is nice and small and can be plugged in and unplugged very easily.

Features & special functions: The absolute highlight of this headset is the cross-platform use. The Astro A30 has apparently never heard the word console-exclusive and can be easily connected to PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and mobile phones. And it gets even better. You can even use multiple devices at the same time. I myself was happy like a small child to be able to sit on the PC and gamble while watching a video on YouTube on my cell phone at the same time – and using the same headphones. This is really awesome and at least gives me something I’ve been looking for for a long time. The one headset for everything you almost never need to take off again.

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Software: Big minus. The Logitech G Hub did not recognize the Astro A30 even after many attempts. Unfortunately I could not test the settings. The app works flawlessly on my smartphone and lets me use the equalizer, set background noise on the microphone and switch between different profiles.

Astro A30 in the test – conclusion

We get a lot here for 249 euros. The Astro A30 offers support for almost every usage situation and can be connected to all common game consoles, computers and smartphones. Two microphones allow additional flexibility. The sound is great, but the software isn’t particularly reliable. The supplied accessories are particularly exemplary, with which you not only get all the necessary cables and adapters for connecting, but also a wonderful bag for the modern headset and its cables.

Astro A30 – pros and cons


  • Exemplary connectivity
  • Chic design without screaming gaming headset
  • Wonderfully soft ear pads
  • Great carrying case included
  • Good sound, especially for gaming


  • At 249 euros, it’s not an option for every gamer
  • Bitchy app that doesn’t always play along
  • May press on the head