That’s why Xbox has shown so few reveals at the Game Awards

That's why Xbox has shown so few reveals at the Game Awards

Not only the fans noticed after the Game Awards that Xbox has held back with new revelations. There wasn’t a single big announcement. Xbox itself has commented on this.

Xbox players will get their money’s worth later

Sony has done an exemplary job of covering its upcoming hits with reveals of Final Fantasy 16, Death Stranding 2 and Forspoken, while Xbox wasn’t quite ready to come out with any news. Xbox Marketing Director Aaron Greenberg also explains why.

Taking to Twitter, he explained that 2023 will be “incredibly exciting” for the platform. The fans would not have to wait long for the first announcements.

“We have a lot planned to show and share an incredibly exciting 2023,” he wrote. “I appreciate that people are eager to learn and see more. Timing is always crucial, but don’t worry you won’t have to wait too long for what’s next from us.”

A couple of big games are planned for the coming year. These include Starfield, Redfall and Stalker 2. Currently, however, the planned takeover of Activision Blizzard is likely to be the company’s focus.

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