Noctua releases screwdrivers for 10 euros for the first time

Noctua releases screwdrivers for 10 euros for the first time (3)

from Alexander Pensler
It seems that screwdrivers are a trend right now: Manufacturer Noctua is now also selling two of these tools for their own CPU cooler mounting systems. The company is now offering a screwdriver for Torx systems and a tool for Phillips screws for €9.90.

Noctua is known in the PC hardware scene for high quality fans and CPU coolers. Now, for the first time, the Austrian manufacturer has presented screwdrivers for their own mounting systems for their airflow coolers, of course in Noctua-typical brown. These are the NM-SD1 for the star-shaped Torx 20 screws and the NM-SD2 with a Phillips tip for Phillips PH2 systems. These tips are compatible with Noctua’s own mounting systems Secufirm, Secufirm2 and Secufirm2+.

Features of the new Noctua screwdrivers

The long 150 mm shaft of the two Noctua tools is particularly noteworthy. In this way, the inclined DIY PC builder can easily access the screws required for assembly, even in cramped systems such as ITX cases. NM-SD1 and NM-SD2 have a magnetic tip, so the screws should not be lost so easily when building a PC yourself. If you do a lot of tinkering with your computer, you might also be happy about the large handle on both products. This makes it possible to safely apply pressure to screws with springs.

What immediately catches the eye is the similarity between the Noctua screwdrivers and the popular tools from the German manufacturer Wera. According to Tom’s Hardware, however, there is no known cooperation between Noctua and Wera. Rather, the new tools NM-SD1 and 2 seem to be inspired by the Wera products, as Noctua’s screwdrivers have a shorter warranty at a lower price.

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Noctua releases screwdrivers for 10 euros for the first time (3)

Source: Noctua

Specifications of Noctua NM-SD1 and NM-SD2

specifications NM-SD1 NM-SD2
screwdriver tip Torx T20 Phillips PH2
Mounting system compatibility Secufirm2+ Secufirm, Secufirm2
Dimensions 150mm 150mm

The new screwdrivers NM-SD1 and NM-SD2 from Noctua are now available from the manufacturer’s website. They are available in various parts of the world including Europe, UK, Japan, Australia and the United States priced at €9.90 and US$10 respectively via Amazon.

Source: Tom’s hardware