7 vs. Wild: Nova narrowly avoids disaster


Unlike in Season 1 of 7 vs Wild, the candidates were flown to their locations in a helicopter in the second season. For Nora, however, the suspension ended almost in disaster. What happened?

The second season of “7 vs. Wild” is still in full swing and the remaining contestants continue to fight with the adverse conditions and measure each other in challenging Daily Challenges.

Risky jump from the helicopter

However, for Nova, who is already eliminated, the adventure would have almost came to an abrupt end. As the participant said in an interview with Edeltalk, the Jump out of the helicopter can have devastating consequences for them.

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So Nova revealed to her interview partners Dominik and Kevin that the helicopter at the first attempt Flown way too close to a reef be. The outstanding stones could hardly be seen in the first episode of “7 vs. Wild”, but the candidate would have had a jump some inconvenience can bring.

Nova narrowly escaped the tragedy

According to Nova, the team still has the impending danger recognized in time and the helicopter for her jump repositioned.

“The helicopter just stopped […] and I was like, oh master, that’s pretty close to the reef, because of the stones that are coming out of there.” – reports Nova.

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Also Nova’s motherwho was present at the interview, thinks back to the time with mixed feelings and tells how she felt about the Her daughter’s near misfortune experienced: “I beg your pardon? […] Now that can’t be true. My heart dropped in my pants.”

Nova has no regrets participating in 7 vs. Wild

Still, Nova looks positive for their participation back to 7 vs. Wild and is grateful that she as candidate selected became. “For me it was such a rad experience and it was so special and I would like to leave this whole experience as a whole.”

For us, however, the survival adventure is not over yet. Episode 12 of 7 vs. Wild: Panama will be released tomorrow. All broadcast dates can be found in our Episode Guide. Knossi Nova will follow and as a second candidate the Code Yellow send?


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