Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion Trophies: Watch out, it’s easy to miss out on platinum

For platinum you have to pay close attention in Crisis Core: FF7 Reunion.

For platinum you have to pay close attention in Crisis Core: FF7 Reunion.

With Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, the PSP title is finally available as a remaster for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC. You can also unlock trophies and achievements on the console. However, if you want to secure platinum on PlayStation, you not only have to invest a lot of time, but also be careful. Most trophies are missable.

That’s how hard the platinum is in Crisis Core

The platinum trophy in Crisis Core mainly takes time. Although you only have to complete the game once, you can miss almost all of the trophies if you’re not careful. Several are namely linked to a specific action within a chapter. There are also some missions that you must have accepted by the end of Chapter 7, otherwise you will not be able to do so anymore.

NG+ doesn’t help much: Crisis Core doesn’t have its own chapter selector, so if you missed something in a run, you’ll have to wait until the next run or load an old save. The New Game Plus doesn’t help much here either. You take your equipment with you to the new run, but not your progress on the missions.

Difficulty trick: Although you actually have to complete the game on the “difficult” level of difficulty, there is a trick here at the moment. You can just play on normal and turn up the difficulty before the final boss and you should still get the trophy.

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These are all the trophies for Crisis Core: FF7 Reunion

There are a total of 51 trophies in the game: one platinum, three gold, five silver and a total of 42 bronze trophies.

Attention spoilers: The names and descriptions of the trophies reveal various events in the story, so be careful if you aren’t through the game yet.


  • My living legacy: You got all the trophies.


  • mission accomplished: You have completed all missions.
  • Goddess Vanquisher: You defeated Minerva.
  • Legendary SOLDIERMission: You completed the game on Hard mode.


  • Thank you ZackMission: You have completed Chapter 10.
  • Boundless Power: You did 99,999 damage to an enemy.
  • Master of the DBW: You have reached 100% on all DBW elements.
  • Simply Genji-al: You have obtained all of the Genji gear.
  • Flowers for Midgar: You have built every type of flower wagon.


  • Carry dreams in your heart: You have completed the prologue.
  • He would never betray usMission: You have completed Chapter 1.
  • We are not monstersMission: You have completed Chapter 2.
  • Angels only have one dreamMission: You have completed Chapter 3.
  • Where have they gone?Mission: You have completed Chapter 4.
  • Preserve your SOLDIER honor: You have completed Chapter 5.
  • Is Genesis Really Dead?Mission: You have completed Chapter 6.
  • I may turn my back on Shinra: You have completed Chapter 7.
  • I come over: You have completed Chapter 8.
  • We are all heroes: You have completed Chapter 9.
  • Come and get it!: You won your first fight.
  • SOLDIER honor above all: You used your first Limit Rush.
  • Perfect Materia Fusion: You have performed your first Materia Fusion.
  • Hard on the limit: You got all DBW images.
  • Missions Completed: 25%: You have completed 25% of the missions.
  • Missions Completed: 50%: You have completed 50% of the missions.
  • Missions Completed: 75%: You have completed 75% of the missions.
  • Shopping Spree: You have unlocked all stores.
  • Mailbox full: You have received emails from all senders.
  • Hero of the Wutai War?: You got the highest rating from Lazard for Storming the Tamblin Fortress.
  • fan club fanatic: You have joined all fan clubs.
  • Master of the Makonites: You saved the Materia Lab from closure.
  • Treasures of Banora: You collected all the items and reached Angeal’s house before the airstrike in Banora.
  • hero in need: You saved everyone in need during the attack on the Shinra building in Chapter 3.
  • A true SOLDIER: You have won all simulation battles in the training room.
  • Exact regeneration: You have reached 100% Mako Charge with the Mako Regenerator.
  • Very promising: You have been described as a “very promising SOLDIER member” by Hojo in the fusion chamber.
  • cell inspection: You checked all the cells on the 67th floor of the Shinra building.
  • Wutai’s Nemesis: You have exposed all Wutai spies infiltrating Midgar.
  • Loyal fan: You helped all fan clubs to continue their activities.
  • Seven miracles in one go: You have solved the riddle behind all seven wonders of Nibelheim.
  • SpellboundMission: You opened the way to the Banish Dungeon.
  • Disarmed: You destroyed all projectiles.
  • The right nose: You have mixed the perfume with the ideal amount of oil.
  • Bingo!: You guessed the right number in the guess the number game.
  • record breaking: Your Materia Gathering performance has been recognized as “Record Breaking”.
  • Squats until you drop: You triumphed over the rank 2 SOLDIERS in the fitness check.
  • Like a shadow: You have infiltrated the Mako Conveyor without being detected once.
  • Steadfast defender: You defeated all opponents while securing Junon’s Defense Line.
  • Zack the sniperMission: You didn’t let a single Flakbot escape.
  • To know every trick in the bookMission: You collected ten boxes at the waterfall in the hills near Gongaga.
  • Made for each other: Bruno told you that you and Aerith make “a lovely couple”.
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You can see how Crisis Core Reunion performs in the GamePro test here:

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 - Reunion - Test video for the action-packed new edition


Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion – Test video for the action-packed new edition

That’s how long platinum takes in Crisis Core

If you want to get all the trophies in Crisis Core: FF7 Reunion, you have to allow for some time. Meager 40 to 50 hours you should need if you don’t miss any of the trophies along the way. If you also want to know how long it takes you for the story and extras, we have the Crisis Core Reunion playing time overview for you here.

Do you want to get the platinum trophy for Crisis Core: FF7 Reunion?