Valorant: Get an XP benefit through this four-week Squad Boost event

Valorant: Get an XP benefit through this four-week Squad Boost event

Gather your friends as Valorant is offering an XP event where you only benefit as a team. We will now explain to you what it is all about and how the whole thing works.

The more players you are, the greater the reward

Tomorrow, December 14th, Valorant will receive the 5.12 patch that will bring the Squad Boost event. You can benefit from this event for a whole month. On January 14th, the event is over and your benefit is gone.

During this very long period, players who start the matches together as a group will be rewarded by Riot Games. You get more experience points and can play through your Battle Pass faster. The more players you are, the more XP you get.

Here are the XP bonuses broken down:

  • 2 players: 8 percent more XP
  • 3 players: 12 percent more XP
  • 4 players: 16 percent more XP
  • 5 players: 20 percent more XP

If your fingers have been tingling for a while, you can see this event as a sign from the universe to sit down in front of the PC again, turn on Valorant and warm up a little in this cold time.

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