Diablo Immortal: Travel to Stormspire in the new update and face five new bosses

Diablo Immortal: Travel to Stormspire in the new update and face five new bosses

Blizzard unveils another major update for Diablo Immortal, due out in January 2023. This time it takes you to the new Stormtop zone. Long used as a secret prison, this island now houses the world’s largest stone chip known to date.

New bosses, new area and more

In total, the upcoming update will bring five new Reliquary bosses. These have the menacing names of Ophinneb the Skinveil, Dymdrail the Crawling Sorrow, Catarag the Crushing Sun, Apothrus the Fallen Tamer, and Phangwrth the Maw of Warmth.

Additionally, you can increase your Paragon level with the new Infernal difficulty levels VI, VII, and VIII.

The Season Eight Battle Pass will also be introduced with the patch and can be played until January 19th, and new Legendary Gems are also waiting for you. You can now get the one-star Hearthstone, the two-star Kir Sling, the two-star Volatility Shard, and the two five-star Concentrated Will and Hellfire Fragment gems.

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The first major update for Diablo Immortal is here – that’s what’s in it

The Hearthstone increases the duration of your absorption shields and reduces control effects, the Kir Sling gives you a chance to blind enemies, the Volatility Shard triggers an explosion after you kill an enemy, Concentrated Will spawns a Guardian Angel that deals damage to your enemies after using a Dash and the Hellfire Fragment sends three Hellfires towards enemies, dealing damage.

A few nice improvements like a blacksmith at the end of each dungeon, a holiday event or a reward system for referring friends are also included in the update.

You can find out more about the patch on Blizzard’s own blog read. How do you like the innovations for the mobile game?


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