Forspoken: Players are not at all convinced by the demo

Forspoken: Players are not at all convinced by the demo

Collect some things and then defeat some monsters or even a real boss. Especially MMORPG veterans are already starting to sweat, of course it’s about the notorious fetch quests that scare every player. Unfortunately, players of the recently released demo for Square Enix’s forthcoming open-world RPG Forspoken were faced with exactly this type of quest, which of course did not exactly cause anticipation.

Forspoken should be much better than the demo when it is released

Even before this demo version, Forspoken (buy now ) have not caused too much enthusiasm among players so far. Starting at Prices range from a handsome 80 euros for the standard edition, to a fairly pretty bad promotional clipwhich understandably caused heaps of memes, some users still view the game with healthy skepticism.

True, Forspoken reaped under others on Reddit received some praise as well, but the mentioned side quests were definitely one of the main criticisms. There is a lot of user concern that the entire game might have been designed around these boring quests, but as Forspoken’s creative director, Raido Mitsuno, explained to Gematsu, these missions will not be included in the final game. The demo version was mainly intended to introduce players to the various mechanics of the game, including parkour and the magic system. Therefore, these quests will not be available at the correct release.

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