Postponed: Harry Potter RPG Hogwarts Legacy delayed…partially!

New Hogwarts Legacy gameplay will be available on December 14, 2022.

The year 2023 begins excitingly for all fans of Harry Potter, who not only like to wave their magic wand, but also often reach for the gamepad. With Hogwarts legacy it will be possible for the first time for you to intervene in the events of the Harry Potter universe yourself as a magic student. That RPG-style action-adventure lets you create your own avatar thanks to a character editor and experience a branching story with multiple endings. Regarding the release of Hogwarts Legacy, Developer Avalanche software good news and bad news for all players.

Hogwarts Legacy: Developer Avalanche Software has good news for you

The long history of Hogwarts Legacy (buy now €82.99 / €53.99 ) has the gold status reached! However, the development of the title is still far from complete around 58 days before the planned release. A game “goes gold” when completion has progressed to the point where the Series production of data carriers for a physical release can begin.

But even that doesn’t mean much these days. In the meantime, in large Triple-A games, the disc only serves as proof that you have the License to Play has acquired. If you start the Blu-ray in the Playstation or the Xbox, the entire game is often loaded from the Internet, or at least a huge day-one patch. And this applies to Hogwarts legacy yet to be completed.

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Hogwarts Legacy: Unfortunately, developers Avalanche Software also have bad news for you

However, this will only partially succeed. As the developers of Avalanche Software announced, the versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Instead of February, owners of the last-gen consoles will only arrive on Tuesday April 04, 2023 enjoy the Harry Potter RPG. With the delayed release, you want to ensure that you create the best possible gaming experience.