WoW: Shadow Priest Guide – Dragonflight endgame at level 70


The first few weeks of Dragonflight’s endgame will be challenging. The equipment is of course still expandable and mobs live longer again, which means that your DoTs can fully develop. In addition, healing the group is very stressful for your healer, which is why we will show you a dungeon and raid build below that fully exploits your AoE strengths and gives your healer a helping hand

New expansion, new guide: In celebration of the Dragonflight release with its new talent trees, we’re overhauling our guides from the ground up. So that you have the most important information in the endgame in the meantime, there is a short version for level 70. In the course of Dragonflight, the guide to the shadow priest at level 70 will be expanded to include other, more in-depth details.