Truck driver crashes live on Twitch after being hit from the side Dexerto

Truck driver crashes live on Twitch after being hit from the side Dexerto

Published: 2022-12-14T07:45:00

Updated: 2022-12-14T07:21:03

A truck driver caught the moment his truck crashed live on a Twitch stream after being side-swiped by a distracted driver. ‘OTR_Penguin’ managed to escape danger ⁠, for himself and fellow driver ⁠, but it was at the cost of his journey.

Driving on Twitch doesn’t always go smoothly, as the platform promotes safe practices to avoid distracted driving.

OTR_Penguin he follows all these practices for his long-distance truck trips, and he takes his talk with him across the United States as he spends hours and days on the road. However, things took a turn for the worse on December 13 after she crashed live on the broadcast.

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Penguin seems to be going down the road like any other day, minding his own business, when a red van begins to drift into his lane. He quickly backs away from it to avoid a collision, one that could have ended in disaster given the size of his truck.

However, in doing so, he fell off the side of the road into the trees and came to an abrupt stop. While she almost manages to dodge the spinning car, a small slam can be heard from the side, her semi-truck tipping over to the side of the road.

The audio cuts out before you can hear Penguin’s reaction to the incident. However, he was completely bound, safe from harm like that. He unbuckled his seat belt and fell into the passenger seat after the collision, before getting out.

With the VOD removed, it’s unclear what Penguin was actually transporting and the full fallout from what happened. the Twitter linked to your Twitch account It hasn’t been used in over a year.

When more details are available, we’ll keep you posted here.