In a game on Steam you run a tailor shop and a human flesh kitchen – Has 97% positive reviews

In a game on Steam you run a tailor shop and a human flesh kitchen - Has 97% positive reviews

Ravenous Devils is a horror cooking simulator from developer Bad Vice Games. You run a tailor shop where you kill people and a pub where you prepare and sell their meat.

Players aged 18 and over can experience gory gameplay in the point-and-click simulator, which is characterized by black humor. The characters are grotesque, but also likeable in a way.

The game costs up Steam 3.99 euros and received 97% positive reviews in the last 30 days. There is also Ravenous Devils for the Switch, PS4/PS5 and the Xbox Series.

Anyone who comes to the fitting dies

What kind of game is this? In Ravenous Devils you play the characters Percival and Hildred, a married couple who move to a new town. You buy a house with several floors – at the top there is space for Percival’s tailor shop, in the middle is Hildred’s pub. At the bottom is the kitchen, where she prepares her dishes with a special ingredient: human flesh. But nobody should know that.

Percival places clothes for customers to buy on the tailor’s dummies in his showroom. However, if a customer wants the tailor to take his measurements, he must enter a separate room, where the tailor will then kill him. You remove the clothes that are in a pile next to the sewing machine. You throw the corpse into a hatch that leads to the kitchen.

Each of the interactions happens with a simple mouse click, the rest you can then watch the respective character.

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If a corpse arrives in the kitchen, Hildred takes it to process it into minced meat, sausages or other meat products. Together with some flour, the meat goes into the oven, et voila – a meat pie. She then carries it upstairs to the sales area, where ignorant customers gratefully accept it.

When you earn enough money, you can unlock upgrades. These include, for example, another oven, a greenhouse and new recipes.

The Ravenous Devils story progresses every few in-game days. You sometimes receive letters or see a cutscene. Once a boy comes by looking for his mother because she didn’t come home from the tailor’s. Of course, Percival and Hildred have no idea where she is. When the boy asks for some food, Hildred gives him a free meatpie and sends him home.

Players in the comments are delighted

The Steam community is enthusiastic about Ravenous Devils. We have collected a few comments from the ratings for you:

  • Joanne Fangs: “Ravenous Devils is sickeningly funny and a great game that you beat in about 5 hours.”
  • Styrian: “I didn’t have any expectations for the game, but then I liked everything about it. The two main characters, the gameplay and everything in between.”
  • Brenmar: “Very nice game, graphics with love for details, story with rough black humor. Not a game for the faint hearted or those who want to solve everything with a flower in hand.”
  • Toetoe: “Surprisingly good! I would have paid 10 euros for it instead of 4.”

What do you think of Ravenous Devils? Are you interested in trying out the horror cooking simulator, or does the gameplay sound too grotesque to you? Is black humor something for you? Have you already played other players of this type? What platform do you want to play Ravenous Devils on? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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Steam game without gameplay has 98% positive reviews – “It’s like my own little pond”