One Piece finally reveals the secret of how devil fruit is made

In One Piece, not only Monkey D. Luffy can draw on the powers of a devil fruit.

In One Piece, not only Monkey D. Luffy can draw on the powers of a devil fruit.

If you’re one of those One Piece fans who’ve been wondering where the Devil Fruits come from for a while, then we’ve got good news for you: the manga finally has an explanation for how they came about. This suggests that the devil fruit and its powers are a bit more mystical than most probably already thought.

WARNING, SPOILERS for One Piece follow!

One Piece: Finally we know where the devil fruits come from

What is a devil fruit? In the world of One Piece exist the so-called devil fruits. Those who eat them gain special abilities. These are also reflected in the names of the individual fruits. The blade fruit conjures up sharp blades, the gum-gum fruit makes Luffy’s body elastic like rubber.

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One Piece: List of all devil fruits and their effects

This is new now: The last major story arc is currently escalating in the One Piece manga. Monkey D. Luffy battles Lucci and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates gang are doomed to watch. Meanwhile, Vegapunk explains in passing what the devil fruit is all about.

This is how the devil fruits are made: The fruits are said to have arisen solely through wishful thinking. Each fruit and its ability is the expression of a very strong desire that has materialized to a certain extent.

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This means that the gum-gum fruit, for example, only exists because someone once wished they could expand and expand their entire body like rubber. The same goes for everyone else: each devil fruit represents a person’s dream come true.

“If only I could be like this! All these powers represent the many ramifications of humanity’s future. Those with powers exist in different dimensions dreamed of by anyone before them.”

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Of course, that also explains the sometimes very wacky powers that the devil fruits bring. Also that the abilities differ so much makes a lot of sense with this explanation.

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But beware! Of course, even if this explanation is provided by Vegapunk within the One Piece manga, it still might not be 100% accurate. After all, Vegapunk could also be wrong with this theory.

How do you like the explanation? Does that make sense to you, were you hoping for something else?