Guild Wars 2: The best new skins for mounts – which ones are worth it?

The plush Siege Turtle in the festively decorated Divinity's Reach during Guild Wars 2's Wintersday

The Guild Wars 2 in-game store can be a bit of a shock to some new players: so many skins, so many deals, and so much content – but if you’re shocked, don’t forget that GW2 comes with no monthly fees. You can play the world of Tyria as a Free2Play MMORPG or as a Pay2Play MMORPG. The costs for playing are therefore significantly lower than with WoW or Final Fantasy 14. How do the developers make money then? Exactly: the shop. The new skins for mounts – one of the absolute highlights of Guild Wars 2 – are of particular interest to the community. This is especially true for the ones that have recently become available “Imperial Wonder” mounts. What are the best skins in this pack? We took a look!