The “world’s smallest city builder” is now available on Steam

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The block promises to be a very relaxed – literally – little game. No pressure, no challenges – just your small yet detailed cityscape on a blocky game world. Most city building simulations, such as Cities: Skylines, bet on size. The bigger the city, with more and more micromanaging, the better. The block is the exact opposite of this principle. So small that developer Paul Schnepf even called the game the “world’s smallest city builder”. The trailer for the game supports this claim.

How to play The Block?

You start the game with a small square piece of land on which a single building is already placed in the middle. You can then place the next building directly with your mouse, but this must always be connected to the first structure. You can rotate all components beforehand as you wish. It goes on like this until you like the result. If a building doesn’t suit you, you can simply skip it until you come across one that suits you better. A number of houses, towers and trees are available for you to build and decorate.