Win an action-adventure for horse lovers!

Win an action-adventure for horse lovers!

• Lively, colorful and detailed world with many known and new characters and locations from the Horse Club™ world!

• Over 40 different main missions with a gripping story all about Lakeside!

• 30 optional side quests, with an exciting story by and starring the mysterious Edith Jacobs!

• Plenty of optional mini-games like grooming horses and cleaning hooves!

• Tons of unlockable new outfits and cosmetics for the character. Eg new hairstyles, pants, blouses, boots, riding helmets in different colors.

• Numerous unlockable embellishments for your own horse, such as tail types, manes, saddles, blankets and colors for maximum customization.

• Great collectibles, such as stickers and photos, which are gradually unlocked.

• 90 racetracks with three levels of difficulty are spread around the world and invite you to gallop for the fastest lap time.

• Grandiose soundtrack with numerous stirring pieces of music.

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