Avatar: The Way of Water falls short of expectations in its opening weekend

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from Sarah Petzold
Although Avatar: The Way of Water proves to be a resounding success in its opening weekend, the film falls short of expectations. In the first three days, Avatar 2 grossed around US$135 million, below the forecast of US$150 million.

Actually, Disney and 20th Century Studios have nothing to complain about: Avatar: The Way of Water got off to an excellent start in US cinemas on the opening weekend and was ranked 6th among the best December cinema debuts ever. Still, the film didn’t bring in as much sales as expected, but that’s nothing to worry about.

Germany ranks 4th internationally with a turnover of 8.4 million US dollars

According to the editors of Deadline, Avatar: The Way of Water grossed approximately $135 million in the US market during its opening weekend. That puts the film short of Disney’s forecast of $150 million to $175 million. Despite this, the title is the sixth best-selling theatrical release in December, behind Spider-Man: No Way Home, Star Wars: Episode 7-9 and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Avatar The Way of Water: Emotional trailer for the sequel

In addition, the film received excellent reviews, which is why experts expect continued good sales figures for cinema tickets. The fact that only 15 percent fewer cinema tickets were sold from Friday to Saturday than the day before also speaks for the continued success of Avatar: The Way of Water at the box office. Other releases that outperformed Avatar 2 in terms of opening weekend sales saw significantly higher figures.

The situation is similar for Avatar: The Way of Water on the international market: So far, the film has achieved sales of around 180 million US dollars on its opening weekend. The sequel is also below expectations, but was able to get the fourth best start in the cinema year 2022 in Great Britain. Meanwhile, Germany is the 4th most successful international market for Avatar 2 with 8.5 million US dollars.

Source: deadline


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