Destiny 2 x Pokémon: A Wild Flotsiks Appears (Ignores You)

Omen mission in Destiny 2

from Susan Brown
Anyone who knows the bungie shooter Destiny 2 with the season of looters and the fallen helpers from the House of Light, and on the other hand classic Pokémon battles in the world-famous pocket monster series, will find out about the Movie-of-the-Week -Entry to Destiny 2 from Chibirobo deliciously amused!

Memes are there to be fun, and all the Destiny 2 Guardians who participate in Bungie’s weekly Movie-of-the-Week contests as part of TWABs (“This Week at Bungie”) are cheering along their creativity in terms of memes. This is how it came about, among other things magnificent tribute to Knights of the Coconut, in which Sir Lancelot, who always has rubber bands, doesn’t storm the castle, but an inconspicuous-looking Arkus-Titan, who then throws a good punch at the guards. Here again as a reminder:

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Anyone who has ever faced a sprinting and Arc-charged Titan in the Crucible knows exactly what that pain feels like.