Guild Wars 2 Celebrates its Best Year Since 2015 – “Active Players Has Doubled in the Last Years”

4 of the biggest MMORPGs are getting new content next week

The year is coming to an end and many MMORPGs are taking this as a chance to look back on 2022. This works particularly well with Guild Wars 2, but other MMORPGs also made headlines this week.

The highlights of the week:

The discussion of the week: New World was free on Steam last week to attract new games, but like New World, that too divides the community.

The excitement of the week: World of Warcraft bans tailors for tailoring because they were unaware they were exploiting an exploit.

The number of new players in Guild Wars 2 was certainly also influenced by the release on Steam:

Guild Wars 2 Celebrates Release on Steam – Check Out What You Can Get There in the Trailer

10 months late, Lost Ark brings a class that should have been there at the time of release

This is what happened in the big MMORPGs:

This is what happened with the small MMORPGs:

  • RuneScape is getting a new skill in 2023. The 29th skill in the MMORPG will be Necromancy (via
  • The Pokémon MMORPG Temtem starts a championship series and wants to get into e-sports (via massivelyop).
  • Neverwinter gets three new modules in 2023, but no new class (via massivelyop).
  • Tower of Fantasy is getting a major content update later this December, with the new character Lyra coming to the MMORPG (via
  • EVE Online is launching a new website where pilots can see the live status of faction wars without having to log in (via
  • The well-known Russian MMORPG publisher MY.GAMES wants to completely withdraw from the Russian market in 2023. They currently run games like Skyforge, Allods Online, Warface, Revelation Online (via massivelyop).
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There is a new trailer for the upcoming Blue Protocol:

The new MMORPG Blue Protocol shows its colorful anime world – takes place 2,000 years in the future

Kingdom Under Fire: The Rise looks really good, but has 2 big snags

This is what happened with the MMORPGs in development:

That was an overview of the most important MMORPG news of the week. What is your highlight? Have we perhaps forgotten something interesting? Or did you experience something cool yourself? Write it to us in the comments here at MeinMMO.

MeinMMO author Mark Sellner was recently at a major Black Desert community event and shares his impressions with you in an article.