Judas: The next shooter from the Bioshock maker

Judas: The next shooter from the Bioshock maker

from Michael Miskulin
With Judas, Ken Levine’s next project was presented. It’s a narrative first-person shooter in the vein of Bioshock.

During the Game Awards 2022, Ken Levine, creator of the Bioshock series, presented his next first-person shooter called Judas after five years in development. The scenes and sequences shown so far again indicate an immersive sim in the manner of Bioshock.

Judas: A crumbling space station and multiple factions

Judas is being developed by Ken Levine’s new studio, Ghost Story Games, which is owned by publisher Take Two. Work on Judas began in 2017 after Levine’s old Irrational Games studio was closed by Take-Two. Even if the announcement trailer provides a glimpse into Judas’ make-up – which is reminiscent of Bioshock with its art deco elements and heavily exaggerated characters – the trailer reveals little about the initial situation and the story. The new Judas Official Steam Page provides more insights. The scenario this time is a crumbling space station that houses several quarreling factions. The player takes on the role of the mysterious and deranged heroine Judas via first-person perspective. Their only hope for survival lies in making or breaking alliances with their worst enemies.

Judas: Dark trailer from the new game from the creator of BioShock

“Will you work together to fix what you broke – or will you leave it to the fire,” reads the Steam description. In a press release sent out after the game’s announcement, Levine explained that “with Judas, we created an entirely new world and cast of characters while exploring different approaches to narrative single-player first-person shooters.” Judas will be released for PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store), Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. A specific release date has not yet been announced. Perhaps, after five years of development, it could be as early as 2023.

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