Overwatch 2 World Cup announced for 2023

Overwatch 2 World Cup by 2023 Gamersrd

Overwatch 2 will return to the Overwatch World Cup in 2023, Blizzard announced. There haven’t been any major international FPS gaming tournaments for the past three years, and esports is dominated by Overwatch League pros.

Overwatch 2 It is preparing to bring 36 national teams to compete for its trophy, The Overwatch World Cup 2023 it is scheduled to start in June 2023. The top 16 teams will be determined in regional qualifiers and will participate in the group stage and final in fall 2023.

Blizzard will announce in January the countries and regions where applications will also be available for each bidding committee responsible for Equipment testing and selection.

Blizzard will hold an open tournament called World Cup Trials in February, and the winners will have a guaranteed place in the selection tests. Those who do not qualify will be able to try their luck at registration in March. Blizzard says they must be at least Diamond in Overwatch 2 competitive, Although the successful participants will be players they will come from higher levels but it is never too late to test your talent and luck.

If you are not aware that there is new and rocking brings us in this second season in Overwatch 2 you can read our news: LINK and you can also listen to our entertaining podcast: LINK, where we think and analyze everything that brings us Overwatch 2.


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