Skyrim: Cosplayer roams Skyrim with wolf companions

This cosplay of Melina from Elden Ring will be happy to accompany you through the land between (1)

Even though The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released on PC and consoles more than eleven years ago, the role-playing game is valid bethesda still the benchmark for a huge open world in a classic fantasy setting. The adventure of the Dragonborn is characterized by total playful freedom, gripping side quests and an almost endless number of tasks that the player can complete. The world of The Elder Scrolls has now grown into a rich lore that has been meticulously crafted by writers and fans alike. Also in the cosplay scene reference is repeatedly made to the fantasy phenomenon.

RPG fans adore the world of The Elder Scrolls

There is hardly a role-playing game that is not based on a book template and yet one with Lord of the Rings comparable rich and detailed recorded world offers. Only the German language Fan Wiki Tamriel Almanac includes well over 42,000 items around The Elder Scrolls.

The free and collaborative project offers an almost inexhaustible fund of contributions to the history of Tamriel, its flora and fauna and the outstanding personalities of the game series. Whether you need information about Yokuda, the continent of the Redguards, or are interested in the fashion of the residents of Glenumbra – you will find it here.

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Cosplayer goes hunting in Skyrim as a hunter with a wolf companion

Whether Cosplayer Jannet also covered in information from the Tamriel Almanac as she cosplayed Skyrim designed is not known. The ambitious content creator inspires over half a million followers with her works on Instagram, among other things.

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On her own homepage she also provides interesting insights into her work. Jannet’s varied cosplays have already filled two illustrated books, in which she is featured, among other things, as a female joker or Triss Merigold from The Witcher appears.