7 vs Wild Season 2 Episode 13: Second Code Yellow. Who leaves the show on day 6?

7 vs. Wild Sabrina Code Yellow

It’s already the sixth day at 7 vs Wild Panama. Since the last episode, many guesses have been made as to who is in the current episode can be picked up. Here you can find out who is it and why he/she made the decision.

Cliffhanger: Who can be picked up?

The twelfth episode 7 vs. Wild ended with a extreme cliffhanger. In the morning of the sixth day goes to the hacienda with the team an emergency call a. We don’t know Code Yellow or Code Red at this point. In the comments and on social networks speculated.

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Is it Sascha who has been with me since day one constant nausea is struggling and is now pulling the ripcord? Or Knossi, next to his injured foot now with extreme toothache have to deal with? It could also be a accident be independent of the states of the participants.

You can find out whether you were right with your assumptions in the first five minutes of the episode.

7 vs Wild: Code Yellow by Sabrina

Right at the beginning of the episode, Sabrina is shown. She sits in front of her destroyed shelter. The tide swept it away at night. She works very composed and is sure of her decision: Code Yellow to the team, she wants to be picked up. The rising water is the reason it stops.

“I suspect the tide will be even heavier tonight and there isn’t a vacant spot here that hasn’t been covered with water. It’s just too dangerous for me.”

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Sabrina has come to terms with her decision. She knows it not on her, but is due to external circumstances that she cannot continue. Your it is there too dangerous.

“It’s okay for me to go now because I know it’s not because of my performance, it’s not because of my stamina, it’s just because it’s too dangerous for me otherwise.”


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