Anno 1800 does not start: New patch is here, players continue to report problems

Anno 1800: New update is coming &  Pick up free items for a limited time only

Ubisoft Mainz gives a new one Patch for Anno 1800 as download free. With the update, the developers want the Fix startup problems, which users have been reporting since the release of Game Update 16. “We have just installed a patch for Anno 1800 that should fix the startup problems for most players. Please check the game files after the patch,” said the makers last weekend. So if you had problems starting Anno 1800, you should definitely include the existing game data after downloading the patch Check Steam and Ubisoft Connect for errors leave.

Patch is here, still problems

on Individual players continue to report to Twitterat them 1800 (buy now €34.90 / €53.99 )does not start – even after installing the new patch. “Unfortunately, the game still doesn’t start. The ‘Ubisoft Connect’ window appears, the loading circle turns and turns and nothing else happens,” reports user Ronny Dombrowski. User Castor Troy reports similar problems: “I’m still spinning the blue circle. I’ve applied the patch and checked the files.” D0ktorDon, on the other hand, writes that the game works, but the multiplayer mode is still over: “You prepare the lobby, start, and as soon as you have the loading screen behind you, you get the LR40 error.”