Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion: How to defeat your boss Sephiroth

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Warning, spoilers follow: In action role-playing games Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion you slip into the role of the SOLDIER warrior Zack Fair, who experiences a great adventure. On his journey he must also meet his former ally Sephiroth face him and we’ll tell you how to defeat him.

How to win against FFVII villain Sephiroth

First you fight side by side with the mighty warrior and should even fight with him do some missions. On one of them, in Chapter 5however, your comrade makes a discovery that will shake his entire worldview and eventually lead him to himself stands against you.

Sephiroth counts without exaggeration to the most powerful bosses, which you will face in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion. He is not only one with his sword excellent melee fighter and thanks to its enormously long blade it is still dangerous even at great distances, but it also dominates different materials. A tricky combination.

Overall, the duel with Sephiroth is divided into three big parts. In the first phase you should pay particular attention to your cover and not with an open knife to run. Especially his special attacks where he draws his sword and one mighty blow hurls in Zack’s direction, does great damage.

As if that weren’t bad enough, this boss is also pretty quick on the move. He will try to corner you more than once with his sword attacks. His strongest trump card However, is the “Heartless Angel” action, which only gives you a single (!) life point leaves!

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Have you drained Sephiroth enough life energy, the second phase of the fight begins. In this, your opponent will Summon material crystalswho buzz around him and act independently. You can, among other things Ice, Fire, and Lightning Magic use, which is extremely annoying.

You can try to ignore them and keep attacking the boss directly. However, in a way it is a dance on the razor blade, since you have to keep an eye on several enemies at the same time. We therefore recommend that you first destroy the crystals by using the opposite type of magic attacked. Then you can take care of Sephiroth again.

As soon as you set your opponent’s life energy to zero, the fight seems won – but that’s not the case. Instead follows after a small cutscene the final phase of the duel. You stand with your back against the abyss and must push Sephiroth back. You lose if the boss manages to knock Zack off the platform with his attacks.

It certainly is the most exciting phase of the fight, as every mistake takes you one step closer to the abyss. Don’t neglect your cover and wait for a chance to fight back the boss. After this stage you have Sephiroth finally defeated. Well, as good as it gets, after all, the villain returns in Final Fantasy VII (Remake).

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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is since December 13, 2022 Available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, the Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam).