Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion: How To Kill The Behemoth King

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion: How To Kill The Behemoth King

In action RPG Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion wait all sorts powerful bosses on you. Fighting these enemies is one of the highlights of the game. A particularly tough nut awaits you in Chapter 10 with the monster Behemoth King. We’ll give you tips on how to defeat him.

The Behemoth King is a powerful opponent

In the 10th chapter of the game you have to the seven goddess materia collect to clear the path to the final boss. If you look around carefully at the abyss of decision, you can see the passage to Roaring Fangs area discover. At the end of it he waits Behemoth King, an optional boss. As soon as you open his cage with the corresponding key, it starts!

The monster belongs the most powerful opponents in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion and you don’t get victory for free. First you have to go to the Watch out for the beast’s attacksbecause they do massive damage. Common: Not only is his frontal attack powerful, he can also attack with his tail if you stand behind him. His attacks also do piercing damage.

We recommend you get the Behemoth King if possible attack from behindsince so the chance on Critical Hits elevated. Also, remember not to get too greedy and don’t neglect your cover. Another problem, however, is that the monster also use magic can. The magic is particularly annoying Regenawith which it can recharge its life energy.

Even if Zack is already at a fairly high level, it will be difficult to defeat the boss draining more life points than it can regenerate. In short, it’s a battle against windmills. But even here there are ways and means. With the attack Spell Blade you can use a buff for example lift and fortunately that also applies to Regena’s effect.

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You can interrupt Renega with the Ban Blade © Square Enix/PlayCentral

The last problem is this Behemoth King’s ultimate attack. This is known to be a particularly powerful attack that you can stop if you are fast and strong enough. If you thought the monster’s basic attacks were already overpowered, rest assured: That’s nothing compared to his ultimate.

To reduce the skill level of the beast, we recommend using magic Hell Fuga. This not only inflicts your opponent with a hit heat damage, but also Poison, Silence, Stop, and Death – extremely useful! You can craft this materia by clicking on the Materia Fusion System falls back and combines two weak spells together.

Since every little mistake in the fight against this boss in “Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion” can mean game over for you, you have to always be vigilant. It’s a really exciting fight. If all else fails, you can do a little bit to your luck put.

As in other “FF” games, there is of course also the possibility in Zack’s adventure powerful monsters to summon. Your lifesaver in this particular boss fight can Limit break Zantetsuken be. Here you summon Odin knocking out every opponent on the field with a single devastating blow completely extinguished. However, since this does not always work, a bit of luck is required.

As a last resort, Odin can bring you victory against the Behemoth King © Square Enix/PlayCentral

If you stay calm, pay attention to your cover and can set the boss opponent’s skill level to 0%, you have a good chance of bringing the Behemoth king to his knees. Alternatively, if all else fails, you can open Plan B or Plan Odin and trust your luck a bit.

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