Duke Nukem Forever: Mega Mod aims to make it a masterpiece

Duke Nukem Forever: A 2001 build has been leaked.

Duke Nukem Forever is notorious for its abstruse development history. Over 14 years of work on the title in various forms and engines, the final feedback for the finished product in 2011 was lukewarm at best. But after an early version of the game made its way onto the internet this year, many pricked up their ears. Well, a few months after this leak, it says “Duke Nukem Restoration Project” before its first release. Am 21st December the first chapter of the project should be published on Mod-DB. Here an attempt is made to build a complete version of the once planned Duke Nukem Forever based on the leak.

The Duke’s Return

The post on the project emphasizes that for many, the early 2000s were the pinnacle of what Duke Nukem Forever (buy now €19.54 / €17.99 ) originally could have been.

But for many years there had only been speculation and no playable version from that time. The goal is clearly to one day have a fully playable version of the on the E3 2001 title shown. The team’s current focus is on refining the first chapter and fixing minor technical issues. Many elements, which fans from the E3 demo should know should be available again.

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In addition, according to the post, a separate story team has a completely new story written to fill in the gaps that were previously open. The trailer for the mod should make long-established fans of the brand even more excited for December 21st.

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