FIFA 23 correctly predicted the World Cup winner again

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That World Cup Final 2023 is behind us. Germany was eliminated weeks ago, but France and Argentina made it to the final, from which Argentina after a highly exciting match penalties shoot emerged victorious. Admittedly, no one predicted all of this down to the last detail. But at least Argentina’s victory in the final could have been known in advance by those who looked at the forecasts EA Sports with the help of the current version of their in-house football simulation, FIFA 23, has met. In fact, this is the fourth time in a row that the winner of a football World Cup has been correctly predicted!

Will EA Sports correctly predict the World Cup winner again in four years?

All 64 World Cup games were simulated for the prediction. The football engine from EA Sports was used, which also serves as the basis for the FIFA games. However, France and Argentina did not make it to the final in the simulation; instead of the French, the Brazilians made it into the final, which Argentina finally won by a goal. After all, France was third in the simulated World Cup.