Game Veterans Podcast #299: Time Travel 12/2022, 2002, 1992 – News

Game Veterans Podcast #299: Time Travel 12/2022, 2002, 1992 - News


With the year-end round approaching, time travel is exceptionally exclusive to Veteran Game Patreons this time. But there is also a change in content that makes the episode special.

As a Patreon supporter of the game veterans, you not only hear twice as many episodes for $5, but also an extended cut of this episode:

With the year-end round coming up next week, the magazine time travel is brought forward to this Patreon-exclusive episode. The PC player era began 30 years ago with issue 1/1993 and we have the right interview clip in stock, which also includes Boris Schneider Johne reports to speak. Scrolling through the decades, we also come across voxel helicopters (1993), rival soccer managers (2003), and insane open-world shooters (2013). As always, before the main part there is a rich, up-to-date program of industry news, the latest gaming experiences and a look at the listener’s mail pile.

The game veteran podcast episode 50-2022 (#299) with Heinrich Lenhardt and Jörg Langer has a running time of 2:00:05 hours.

00:00:15 News & small talk
0:03:07 Mixed news: Announcements at the Game Awards, thieves steal trucks with us Evercade consolesNintendo releases a Zelda documentary disappear, Jeff Minter makes a reissue of Atari vending machines Akka Arrh.
0:25:24 What was the last thing we played? Warhammer 40,000 – Darktide, Company of Heroes 3 (Preview) Chained Echoes.
0:38:20 Listener mail from Florian Zimmermann.

0:42:00 Magazine time travel: December 2012, 2002, 1992
0:42:25 Gamestar 1/2013 and GamersGlobal, among others Far Cry 3, Hitman Absolution, Giana Sisters – Twisted Dreams and Mickey Epic 2.
1:01:49 Game Star 1/2003including with Gothic 2, James Bond 007 – Nightfire, kick off 4 and Soccer Manager 4.
1:24:15 Tue Power Play 1/1993 leaves most of the PC Player 1/1993 the field. We include excerpts from an interview that Christian Genzel with Boris Schneider-Johne and Heinrich (for even more PC player throwbacks, we recommend gaming veterans podcast 108). This edition’s playtests include comanche, Car and Driver and King’s Quest VI.

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1:57:38 Credits