Twitch streamer Trymacs reveals how he handles unwanted comments – “Really dirty”

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Maximilian Stemmler (28) from Hamburg has an audience of millions on Twitch and YouTube as Trymacs. He says: There are always people who want to benefit from its reach. In a stream, Trymacs has now revealed how he creatively punishes annoying commenters – and those affected have no idea.

What comments are you talking about? In a stream, Trymacs explained which comments really annoy him. It’s mainly about people who specifically try to provoke reactions:

  • “Trymacs doesn’t read his comments” style comments urging him to prove otherwise by liking the writers
  • Comments promoting their own channel from people who want to benefit from Trymacs’ reach and pretend to be fans
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Trymacs gives people stealthy shadow bans

This is how Trymacs handles the comments: Trymacs came up with a special strategy to deal with those annoying comments – and have fun at the same time. Because if he simply banned them, according to the streamer’s logic, the comment writers would probably get away with it too easily.

Instead, Trymacs distributes something that he calls “Ghost Perma Bans”: Those affected do not find out that they are blocked and can continue to comment happily – but nobody sees the comments apart from themselves. Accordingly, they get no reactions.

At the thought that people might write the same thing under his videos over and over again for years and never get the attention they want, Trymacs is delighted:

Commenting under every video for 3 years hoping you think someone sees. And you’ve been doing it for 3 years and you don’t get a reply or a like on any comment or anyone goes on your videos, that’s the awesome punishment.

How many people has Trymacs banned this way? The streamer does not reveal an exact number, but it seems to be a larger number: “You don’t even know how many people I’ve permanently banned on YouTube”.

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This type of ban is “really dirty” says Trymacs – and his fans celebrate it.

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“One of the best ways to deal with trolls”

How are the reactions? There are numerous positive reactions to the clip in which Trymacs reveals its method. It’s one of the best ways to deal with trolls, writes one fan (via YouTube).

Other reactions range from “funny” to “diabolical” and “sadistic.” Trymacs’ own gloating also seems to go down well.

Some viewers aren’t so enthusiastic – one person, for example, finds the behavior “childish” but fears being banned for an honest answer.

It’s unclear how many comments are below the video that aren’t seen by anyone — and how many commenters may have realized upon watching why they never get any reactions.

In addition to appearing on Twitch and YouTube, Trymacs will soon be back on Joyn:

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