You can now buy the 1st portable Quantum computer for €8000 – you get it for your money

You can now buy the 1st portable Quantum computer for €8000 – you get it for your money

A company has introduced a portable quantum computer. You can buy such a device for a little over 8,000 euros. But what can you do with it and is it worth it?

A company offers the first portable quantum computer. The entry hurdle is already very high at around 8,000 euros, but is such a device worthwhile for everyday users?

MeinMMO introduces you to the devices and explains to you what you get for so much money and why a “real” gaming PC should still be the better investment for you.

By the way, you can invest a lot more money in a gaming system:

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Quantum computers come in three different configurations

According to the manufacturer, the devices should be able to be used at home: operation at room temperature is possible, maintenance is not required and there should be real quantum calculations. There should also be enough material for beginners who are using such a device for the first time.

How fast is the device? After all, the device is supposed to create 2 qubits. In comparison: The manufacturer Fujitsu presented what it claims to be the world’s fastest quantum computer simulator in mid-2022. The system is said to be at 36-qubit quantum operations.

What is particularly special is that quantum systems can process thousands of tasks at the same time, while normal computers have to deal with the tasks one after the other.

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Can you play games with it? At the moment it would not be worthwhile, since the quantum systems are supposed to solve special problems and this requires a lot of computing power. You can see how exactly such a device works at look at.

This is currently unusable for general applications such as PC games. For absolute top performance in special scientific applications, however, ideal:

  • Climate predictions can be analyzed much more complex and extensively using quantum computation.
  • In the security sector, two sides could benefit. Both secret services that want to crack encryption and users who could use better encryption in the future.
  • Another possibility would be to simulate the effect of pharmaceutical agents

What does the device cost? According to the Japanese site PCWatch There are a total of three different models that offer different levels of performance:

  • Gemini Mini starts at 1.1 million yen, which is the equivalent of 8,200 euros.
  • The Gemini is 5.72 million yen, which is about 40,000 euros
  • The Triangulum costs 7.92 million yen, which is around 55,000 euros.

Even the price for the entry-level model is significantly higher than the price for a gaming system with a modern graphics card.

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