Destiny 2: Sexy Exos – the cool Lightfall Exotics reviewed and reviewed

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from Susan Brown
The gameplay stands and falls with the exotic armor and weapons in the MMO shooter Destiny 2, because the exotic clothes and guns (or bows, glaives, swords) have an enormously strong effect on how you do with the subclass of a hero plays. The trailer shows what Exos you can expect when Destiny 2: Lightfall is released.

Tell me which Exo you play, and I’ll tell you what your guardian can do – that’s how the sometimes enormous influence of exotic armor and weapons in the MMO shooter Destiny 2 can be described. For example, if a warlock is running around with solar bracers on, the willing warden knows he likes to play with infinite solar subclass grenades. On the other hand, if he’s wielding Ager’s Scepter, then he’s very likely into the freeze mechanic of the stasis build around Dusk Sentinel.

There are almost countless Exos in Destiny 2 (buy now €9.00 ). And with the release of Destiny 2: Lightfall on February 28, 2023, there will be even more. In a chic trailer with a lot of noise, the Bungie developers present the six new exotics that will come into play with the release of the expansion. Among other things, they make Titans cheer – and Titan opponents roll their eyes. Below are the details of the Exos.