WoSchCa 2/3/23: Discontinued games, meetings and scary factors – News

WoSchCa 2/3/23: Discontinued games, meetings and scary factors - News


After a productive week with Dead Space and an offsite meeting, Jörg and Ramona chat about the week and what the news of discontinued games could mean.

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The week is over again and Friday is traditionally a good time to reflect on everything that has happened. A highlight of the editorial team was the joint trip to Gut Keferloh to think about the future. In addition, all three are looking forward to Hogwarts legacythat will be released next week. Despite the anticipation, there is also some less nice news and a short conversation about what scary games have to be able to do.

  • 00:25 At the end of this week Jörg and Ramona welcome you with the following topics:
  • 00:43 The editors met for an offsite meeting at Gut Keferloh. A few new features were discussed there that you will see and hear soon!
  • 02:49 Next week is up Hogwarts legacy on the plan and thus several formats.
  • 04:08 The series love for Elder Scrolls is postponed again. We try very hard to make the episode particularly beautiful.
  • 05:08 Jörg has some news for everyone interested in the Japan documentary.
  • 05:35 But then Jörg and Ramona are on the news topics of this week. It starts with discontinued games or titles that no longer receive content. Back 4 Blood gets no more content. Rumbleverse and Knockout City had a short lifespan.
  • 08:30 That’s why red case Because of the permanent internet connection, a topic that Jörg and Ramona are thinking about.
  • 09:57 And if you’re already guessing, that’s fine too The Day Before maybe a shaky candidate despite the gameplay trailer?
  • 13:04 Definitely not a shaky candidate DeadSpacefor which there was an SDK this week and Jörg’s hour Uncut…
  • 14:30 … the two digress and find themselves philosophizing about scary games, Resident Evil Village and the question again, what was the name of this woman with the hat.
  • 16:35 Jörg heard rumors that Ramona and the bites won a competition.
  • 22:18 But then it’s already time for the weekend. Ramona consoles herself The Elder Scrolls – Oblivion and time with Molly during Jörg Hogwarts legacy allowed to play.
  • 23:51 Nevertheless, they somehow end up with an aerator problem.
  • 25:06 Thanks for listening and see you next time!
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